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Our company has a 24-hour call center for customer assistance and encourages contact through phone calls and emails. We also have panic alarms in place for emergency situations. We prioritize customer service and safety

Our company is dedicated to maintaining constant engagement with our stakeholders, which is why we have sector/patrol supervisors in place to regularly communicate and meet with them. This allows us to stay informed of any concerns or issues they may have and address them in a timely manner.

Our company provides site-specific rules and regulations at client locations, clients have access to their assigned security officer’s profile, and we conduct immediate investigations of any client concerns to ensure safety and security.


CCSSL designs and provides security solutions in collaboration with potential clients by studying the procedures, processes and business practices of clients. This is to enable CCSSL make suggestions and recommendations where necessary, for effective guard service provision among others

The company conducts investigations into security breaches, liaises with State Security/Intelligence agencies where necessary on behalf of clients.

CCSSL is capable of installing and putting all cameras on a single platform in a control room that is capable of monitoring events across relevant locations.


Delivering the Best Security Solutions to Our Clients

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